Carmel's Newest Coffee Shop is Now Open

That’s right, we’re now open! So why should you come to Indie Coffee Roasters? The obvious is… coffee. American’s drink an estimated 280.5 million cups daily. Our coffee is supplied by Genuine Origin, a green coffee bean importer. They gather top quality beans by working directly with coffee farmers across the world through every step of the process. This is the very reason we choose to acknowledge the specific farm on our bags and not just the region. We would love to help you  find the perfect tasting notes for your home brewing taste.

The next thing we think you’ll love is our ceramic drinking mugs!. By choosing to drink from one of our mugs, you are helping eliminate disposable waste. 50 billion (did you get that?? 50 BILLION) disposable coffee coffee cups end up in landfills every year in the US alone. A billion is hard visualize. If you stacked those 50 BILLION cups end to end, they would reach to the moon and back approximately 5 times. If that’s not enough, let’s speak for the trees. It will take 20 million trees this year to support the consumable coffee cup habit. The tree consumption alone keeps me from dreading the stack of dishes that pile up in our sink every day.


Coming into our shop is also a great break from the routine of the office. Some of our regulars at Indie Coffee Roasters work in New York City, Seattle, and Texas, just right here in the comfort of Carmel. Technology has made remote working accessible but it’s screaming out for the creative atmosphere a coffee shop provides.  While “silence is golden”, moderate noise levels distract us just enough to allow our brains to think more broadly. An application called Coffitivity was even created to mimic a cafe’s ambient noise (probably thought up while sitting at a coffee shop!) So the next time you need to “think outside the box,” think inside our four walls.

The last reason seems the most obvious but is the most overlooked. It is the reason we peel ourselves out of bed in the dark hours of the morning to open our doors. It’s the reason we welcome you in. It is the opportunity for human connection. New relationships are forged while old ones are solidified. It is difficult conversations that become a little easier over a cup of coffee. It is business deals signed over a cup of coffee. Coming into a coffee shop allows us an excuse to take a moment, connect and reflect. After all, a great cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee without someone to share it with.

Poet Ryunosuke Satoro said “Individually, we are one drop of coffee. Together, we are a whole pot.”

We hope to see you soon!