Introducing the Sítio Vital | Brazil, Now Available on Espresso!

Tasting Notes: PB&J | Cocoa | Strawberry

Yes. We put PB&J on the label. Are we serious? You bet we are. Super thick sweetness, especially as espresso, this coffee is unlike any Brazil you’ve had in the past. Complex flavors that balance each other out, like cocoa and strawberry make the Sítio Vital a must try for any coffee lover. 

Producer Danilo Vital began learning about coffee production from his grandmother Nita at a young age. Currently he operates a 3 hectare farm, called Sítio Vital, with his parents. This lot of coffee is a Red Catuai variety, which is a specially-developed variety cultivated widely across Brazil and created using a cross between two other varieties: Mundo Novo and Caturra. It is known for its high productivity potential. This particular lot was processed using the Natural process. 

Process: Natural

The Natural process is a sun-dried process that involves the drying of cherries whole without the additional use of any other materials, including water for washing or machines for depulping. (Hence the term "natural!) Before the coffee is dried, it is harvested from the trees, floated in water, then sorted to remove any fruits that are not up to standard. From there, the sun-drying begins.