Isn't it just black coffee? Why pour-overs are worth the wait

As coffee professionals and enthusiasts, our goal is to provide you with the best cup of coffee possible – one that not only gives you that afternoon pick-me-up, but also highlights the character and potential of each of our coffees. You may be asking, “What’s the difference?” We’re glad you asked. While drip coffee is made in larger quantities by a batch brewer, pour-overs are made one-to-two cups at a time by manually pouring hot water over coffee grounds with technique and timing in mind.


Pour overs give us the opportunity to control each variable of the brewing process – from water temperature and grind size, to water pouring speed and coffee-to-water ratio. The impact that these seemingly minor details can have on the final taste of your coffee is honestly drastic, and we believe that being able to control these details helps us to brew the most deliberate and delicious cup.


Pour-overs are extremely fresh. From the moment you order a pour over, beans are freshly ground, water is heated to the desired temperature, and you can literally watch the water turn to coffee. When your drink is ready, you know it hasn’t been sitting for any length of time, and you’re able to enjoy the vibrance and smoothness of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 


In a batch brewer, coffee’s flavor notes can at times be concealed or suppressed. If you’re looking to experience the fullness of a coffee’s distinct flavor profile, going with a pour over at home or at your favorite local spot will increase your chances of experiencing the different flavor notes available in your coffee. 


If you’re looking to take that next step into the world of coffee, whether you’re looking to  refine your palate or channel your inner barista at home, the pour over is an amazing place to start!

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, come visit us and explore our new coffee selection on our pour over bar, or feel free to grab some whole beans on our website and experiment with brewing at home on your own Chemex, v60, Fellow Stagg or Kalita Wave. Happy pouring! 

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