Keeping it local

Small Business Saturday. A tradition that began 10 years ago when American Express wanted to recognize the hard-working entrepreneurs and local businesses that breathe character and authenticity into our cities. When we think about actions that support our local communities, we tend to think of donating canned goods to a food drive, buying lemonade or Girl Scout cookies from the bright-eyed and eager kids in the neighborhood, or volunteering at the local hospital or animal shelter. 

These are great and necessary ways to be connected to and supportive of our local communities, but the even greater news is that we are not limited to these engagements; we can change very little about our daily routines and responsibilities and still have an incredible impact in our area. When we buy products at the local butcher shop, support artisans and creatives in the community, and throw down a great shot of espresso from a local coffee roaster, we are supporting our neighbors’ dreams and elevating our city all at once. 

With that said, we’d like to reframe the concept of Small Business Saturday to Local Business Saturday, because when you get out in the town this weekend, you’ll engage with companies who know the direct needs of your city and have structured their business plan accordingly. Their dreams, their hopes, their goals and their impact are anything but small. This is reflected in this quick fact: for every dollar spent at a local business, $0.67 is invested back into the communities’ schools, service members, roads and much more (Small Business Economic Impact Study 2018). When this amount is contrasted with the $0.43 that remains in the community from every dollar spent at large chain stores, we see the inherent value in shopping local. 

We realize that keeping your shopping local may not always be the most convenient option; parking is limited, your favorite item may be out of stock or the hours of operation limit when you’re able to swing by. To counter any of these inconveniences, your local business owners make up for it by how much they care. They are able to remain receptive and adjustive towards their customer feedback, ultimately allowing a creative, unique and always improving experience just for you, and they express great delight in engaging with community events and supporting the city however they can.  At Indie Coffee Roasters, we care about each customer that comes through our door as if they are a friend we have been eagerly waiting to see. We strive to be the place and faces that help turn your rough day into a good one, and your good day into an outstanding one. 

When it comes down to it, we live in the same community, shop at the same grocery stores, have kids in the same schools, and share the same desire to preserve and cultivate the neighborhood feel in our expanding community. So just keep in mind…every purchase you make on Small Business Saturday builds up your local community and benefits not only you, but the city at large. Anna Lappe is known for saying that, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”, so maybe we can spend a little more time this week thinking about what exactly we will choose to vote for this gift-giving season. 

For us at Indie Coffee Roasters, we are going to be hard at work roasting coffee, stocking merch shelves and keeping our fridges full in preparation for this weekend. We can hardly wait to serve you and your loved ones on Small Business Saturday, November 30th from 7am-6pm for a day of celebration and fellowship! Come out to the shop and receive 10% off of all whole beans, equipment and merchandise! We’ll see you then!