New Coffee on Pour Over: Finca Las Nubes | El Salvador

We've got a brand new coffee on the roster this week! Introducing Finca Las Nubes from El Salvador. This coffee is a very special one with a bright flavor that gets us excited for spring. 

In hopes of an early Spring this year, we're bringing back the florals. This coffee is super clean with well-rounded sweetness throughout. We taste vibrant floral character like lavender and juicy white grape. These flavors are tied together beautifully with a medium body we liken to vanilla, giving the Finca Las Nubes a complex profile that is hard not to enjoy. It tastes like the month of May!

This coffee, grown at 1700 MASL, is named for the dense foggy clouds that are known to hang over coffee fields high in the mountains. Producer Yony Roger Cisneros, whose farm is located in the municipality of Dulce Nombre de María in the Chalatenango region near the border of Honduras, inherited his farm from his father and has since advanced the family farm into the realm of specialty coffee. 

When harvesting this coffee, selecting the ripest cherries is the primary focus before floating and pulping. From there, the coffee is transferred to shaded, raised beds or cement patios to dry in the humid air.

What's the Honey Process?

You may have noticed that this coffee utilizes the honey process but you may not know what that means. Spoiler: It does not actually involve honey. Crazy, right? So what is it?

The honey process is the method with which the coffee cherries are picked and sorted. The skins and pulps are removed but the sticky-sweet remnants of fruit (called the mucilage) are not washed off the beans before they're dried, adding sweetness to the final outcome. The benefit of this processing method is that less water is used. This process is still evolving and have a number of variables, including the amount of mucilage remaining on the beans, the length of time the coffee spends drying, and more.