New coffee: Santuario | Peru

Our first new coffee in our brand new black bags is now available for purchase online and in our retail location! 

About the Coffee

Tasting Notes: Maple | Vanilla | Almond
Elevation: 1,700-1,900 MASL
Region: Cajamarca
Province: San Ignacio

The Cajamarca region is an ecologically diverse area that produces rich and unique coffee with diverse flavor profiles. Santuario is a coffee co-op located in Peru and serving smallholder coffee farmers in the Cajamarca region. This group, which was established in 2017, is led by president and General Manager Gonzalo Guevara  and has grown exponentially to an active membership of over 400 smallholder farms and groups.

Through the support of Santuario, smallholder farmers are given the opportunity to take agricultural classes to learn about best practices for coffee production, scaling their farms, and navigating climate change. They also place a heavy focus on helping farmers to access coffee markets and best prices to get them on a path to long term profitability.  

Cup Profile 

Whether you're searching for an everyday go-to coffee or a gift for a friend, the Santuario from Peru is perfect. We've loved the medium-bodied cup it offers with nostalgic maple syrup sweetness and a soft almond-like finish.