Support Our Partners with the Indie Haze

For the remainder of the month of December, we are serving the Indie Haze, a special signature drink sold to benefit two local partners. All of the proceeds from the drink sold at our Carmel coffee shop will benefit a team from Eskenazi that focuses on introducing special needs patients to therapy animals, while the proceeds from the drink sold at our West Lafayette coffee shop will benefit LTHC Homeless Services that helps people experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. 

Indie Haze

First of all, what is the Indie Haze? 

Coffee cherries have two parts, the world famous seed which is the coffee bean you know and love, and the pulp/skin around it that when dried (called cascara) makes a delicious tea.

We brewed up that delicious cascara, added a little bit of our customer favorite chai concentrate, steamed it up, and boda-boom, boda-bean (pun intended), you get the Indie Haze!

This hot cascading drink will warm you up as the temperatures drop. Topped with orange around the rim and a sprinkle of cinnamon, I guarantee you have never tasted anything like this before! 

Why Eskenazi Health?

We were introduced to the mission at Eskenazi Health by a customer of ours, Shelly, who works as an Animal Assistant Therapy Manager. Her passion for helping people by introducing them to therapy animals got our team excited. If anyone is interested in helping out, they often have other needs as well.

Shelly and the team at Eskenazi Health is currently hoping to create and provide coloring pages featuring the therapy animals so that her patients can have alternatives to direct interaction, as that is still restricted at this time. She is also hoping to work on a dog body language guide book for her patients and bring more volunteers into the space to help out.

We also love this team's beliefs about dogs: "A dog isn't just a furry thing, it's a being with needs and is deserving of respect." 

Why LTHC Homeless Services?

With our new location in West Lafayette, we are excited to become a part of the community and want to work with others who pursue missions close to our own hearts. We love the community spirit at LTHC where people who are experiencing homelessness are given resources to help them get back on their feet, including meals, laundry facilities, a mail room and a mailing address, lockers, and more. They provide case managers, employment specialists, financial assistance, health and wellness support, and even permanent housing options for people who are unable to obtain housing on their own. 

How Can You Help?

If you're interested in volunteering with either of these organizations, we recommend that you reach out to them directly. 

At Indie Coffee Roasters, we'll be selling the Indie Haze for the remainder of the month of December, and all proceeds will go to these two organizations. Be sure to try this drink AND help people in need at the same time!