Why single origin coffee?

Let’s go back to the beginning. Before we talk about why, we have to talk about what. You may be asking, “What is single origin coffee, and how is it different than a blend?” Well, we’re glad you asked. Single Origin is the practice of roasting one origin at a time, from one farm, in one country. A blend is exactly that, multiple coffee beans from multiple coffee farms either being roasted together, or roasted separately and then combined together. Some companies choose to prepare signature blends that highlight notes from multiple coffees to create a unique flavor.

This can be either seasonal, or targeted specifically for a brewing method. Espresso Blends, Holiday Blends, or a House Blends are all great examples of this. This is not by any means the wrong way to consume coffee or to roast it, but we just choose to go a different route.

At Indie Coffee Roasters, we choose to fall on the other side of the spectrum. As a coffee roaster, we feel that single origin coffee roasting is a better way for us to showcase the coffee and it’s natural flavors. We want to get out of the way and let the coffee shine with the characteristics that the farmer identified as desirable.


It also provides you a better connection to the farmer and farm. Each farmer helps identify flavor notes, which can then be tasted more clearly in each cup of coffee. We make sure to include these flavor notes and farm details on each bag of Indie Coffee Roasters coffee. By including this information, we hope to help you grow your palette and understand flavors from all over the world. The only major downfall to single origin coffee is that we are limited to roasting what is available and in-season at certain times a year.

It isn’t a fanboy battle or an excuse to take sides. Both single origin and blending can highlight the bean in different, exciting ways. We choose to highlight the bean, on it’s own and with it’s truest characteristics. If you’re curious, give them both a try and see which one you’re more drawn to. Enjoy the entire world of coffee and the journey of learning and growing in your coffee knowledge and palette.