Why this space? We asked our regulars

At Indie Coffee Roasters, we have a lot of customers who frequent our shop day after day. Some of them sit at the coffee bar and chat with our baristas, some use our space as a remote workspace, and others take advantage of the shop as a social meeting place. No matter what their reasons are for coming in, we wanted to know what makes them keep coming back to share our space again and again.

When we asked some of our regulars why they choose ICR, we found out that everyone has their own reasons. Here’s what some of our regulars had to say:

“I think it’s a mixture of the people and the environment. Friendly employees, good conversation, quiet but not silent. There’s a lot of natural light and the music is nice. The overall environment is just so peaceful and welcoming.”
Daniel, Chai latte

“I choose ICR because of the community environment. I know I can get a lot accomplished while also being encouraged. It’s also nice to have a social distraction from time to time and to catch up with everyone. Each relationship is intentional, and I think it’s beautiful that it all started over coffee.”
Korie, Nitro 

“From my first visit to ICR, I have always felt welcomed. It felt like the friendly staff genuinely wanted to know me as a person and provide me with not only an excellent coffee experience but also a great social experience. I always feel at home here!”
Crystal, Oat milk cappuccino

“[I go] in order to network and meet other people. ICR attracts a good crowd and has the best coffee.”
Jason, Guatamalan pour-over and an espresso shot 

“I like the ambiance, the interior decoration, and the bar with direct access to the baristas. I can take a break and chat with them about coffee or listen to their stories. The fact that it’s family-owned is a big appeal because being here feels like being with another family.”
Tru, Cappuccino 

“Community is important to me and it simply comes naturally at a coffee shop. The environment that allows me to be highly productive in an informal space. Delicious coffee certainly helps. The buzz, business, and chatter feel so right.”
Brook, Ethiopian pour-over

“Going in almost every day, they got to know me and welcomed me in as family. The staff are just so loving and would remember if I had a hard test of quiz to ask how I did. They are so caring and I feel like I’ve become part of a family.”
Gabi, Mocha

“It allows me to be in an unfamiliar and repetitively new space as I don’t go in super often. I’m able to connect with other people that I’ve met there as the shop has several regulars.”
Tom, Cappuccino

“I fell in love with the coffee shop atmosphere, and its friendly baristas, natural lighting, signature drinks, and location in the arts district made for a great space to work and walk to other dining options. It’s also a great networking opportunity for me to get to meet new people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet if I were working in my private office at church or at home. All around it’s a win-win!”
Dwayne, Shot of espresso with raw sugar 

“I’m very extroverted and I love people. And even though I love what I do, I don’t love studying. I feel good and encouraged when I go to ICR and truly enjoy my time even when I’m doing something I’m sick of doing.”
Marissa, Coconut milk cap with cinnamon

“It’s not corporate, the employees are always friendly, and I like the bar! I like to sit here and socialize with the baristas and other regulars.”
Kent, Espresso

Leave us a comment to let us know why you choose to spend time at Indie Coffee Roasters.