Words from Behind the Bar

What does it mean to be a barista at Indie Coffee Roasters?

Being a barista at ICR simply means being yourself. Personally, I come from a corporate environment where I was never encouraged to embrace my creative endeavors. ICR is about more than coffee to me. It’s a community of people who are striving to be the best versions of themselves while encouraging everyone around them to do the same. The added perk: we get to enjoy and be educated about coffee along the way.

I am convinced that the coffee actually tastes so great because it’s made with love, good vibes and passion. When I first started at Indie Coffee Roasters, I really didn’t enjoy espresso singularly. I drank Nitro Cold Brew all day every day (have you tried it?!) At the beginning of every shift Alec would ask me, “have you had your ‘spro today, Korie?!” That was the beginning of my coffee education. A ’spro a day keeps the Alec away-words to live by as a new ICR family member.

The most valuable lesson I have learned while being a barista at ICR goes way deeper than any knowledge I’ll ever have about coffee. I have learned that learning never stops, mistakes happen and forgiveness and encouragement will fuel you more than any caffeinated beverage.

So, I don’t know what it means to be a barista anywhere else, but I know that at Indie Coffee Roasters it means having a home away from home where the coffee is always fresh and the company is worth keeping.

That’s a wrap.