Finca El Chorro - Decaf

Finca El Chorro - Decaf

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Flavor Notes: Cocoa Powder, Caramel, Golden Raisin

Country of Origin: Mexico

Utilizing the Swiss Water decaffeination processing, this lot from Finca El Chorro in Chiapas, Mexico doesn't skimp on flavor. Full of pleasant cocoa and sweet caramel notes along with a mild raisin-like acidity, this coffee will supply you with the unique flavor you want any time of day.

Certifications: Organic

Process: Swiss Water Decaf

In this famous natural decaffeination process, green coffee beans are rehydrated and soaked to create GCE (Green Coffee Extract). This GCE solution is then circulated through the coffee, filtered each time by a unique system that attaches only to the cellular structure of caffeine, and not to the compounds that make up a coffee's flavor. The result is a lot of coffee virtually free of caffeine while not sacrificing in flavor.


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