Shwe Yi Mon

Shwe Yi Mon

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Flavor Notes
Strawberry, Golden Apple, Floral

Cup Characteristics
Truly special and satisfying, the flavor of this coffee is as unique as where it came from. Shwe Yi Mon from Myanmar is sweet and clean, with all the fruitiness you’d expect from an African coffee. However, it also offers a unique floral flavor that is almost tea-like. You’ll find this to be an exciting and easy-drinking light-roast coffee, the perfect start to any morning.

Producer Information
The 80-acre estate of Shwe Yi Mon is owned by U Ye Myint. With 20 years of experience at his disposal, he manipulates age old agricultural variables such as shade cover, irrigation, fertilizer, and more to achieve the high quality of his coffee. He is also the founder of both the Myanmar Coffee Association and the Mandalay Coffee Group.


What is the Natural Process?
The Natural process is a sun-dried process that involves the drying of cherries whole without the additional use of any other materials, including water for washing or machines for depulping. (Hence the term "natural!) Before the coffee is dried, it is harvested from the trees, floated in water, then sorted to remove any fruits that are not up to standard. From there, the sun-drying begins.

Country of Origin: Myanmar
Region: Mandalay
Farm: Shwe Yi Mon Estate
Producer: U Ye Myint
Elevation: 1100 MASL
Varietals: SL-28

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