Learn With Us

Indie Coffee Roasters University was born our of our desire to share the secrets of excellent coffee with our customers. We believe strongly that a good cup of coffee is not some closely guarded secret but something that everyone has the right to understand. We started ICRU in order to provide an inviting, informative, and hands-on educational experience for our community. Once a month, we gather at the Doghouse to learn about coffee, and it’s our hope that you’ll join us!


During our cupping classes, we take our guests on a tour of our best coffee collections, teaching you how to identify the different flavor notes and profiles that make coffee so delicious.

Home Brewing

Bring the barista home! Our home brewing class covers the tools and techniques that you need to get coffeeshop quality in your own kitchen, no matter what your current at-home setup may be.

Bean Selection

Understanding the labels on coffee bags can be intimidating, so we guide you through the process using our current coffee offerings with this helpful class on bean selection.