El Puente

El Puente

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Flavor Notes
Mango, Dried Apricot, Raspberry

Cup Characteristics
This Colombian coffee is a tropical cornucopia of flavors that feels just right on a breezy summer morning. We taste mango and dried apricot primarily, but just about any fruit you can imagine can be found in this delicious coffee. It finishes with a sweet raspberry note, providing a little brightness to balance out its juicy, ripe fruit notes and full body.

About the Origin
The El Puente processing facility is in Fundador township, Palestina, Huila, Colombia. “El Puente” means “the bridge,” named after the footbridge over a nearby river, but more importantly, it symbolizes the connection between local smallholder coffee producers and the global specialty coffee market. It’s just a 20-minute drive from the coffee hubs of Pitalito and downtown Palestina, making it super convenient for local coffee producers to deliver their cherries.


What is the  Natural Process?
The Natural process is a sun-dried process that involves the drying of cherries whole without the additional use of any other materials, including water for washing or machines for depulping. (Hence the term "natural!) Before the coffee is dried, it is harvested from the trees, floated in water, then sorted to remove any fruits that are not up to standard. From there, the sun-drying begins. 

Country of Origin: Colombia
Region: Hulia
Origin: El Puente
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Elevation:1800 MASL

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