El Vergel

El Vergel

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Tasting Notes: Red Slushy | Brown Sugar | Baker’s Chocolate

From Inza, Colombia, this juicy coffee has slightly lower acidity than some of our other offerings. The sweetness reminds us of a classic red slushy, while the full bodied mouthfeel is like brown sugar and baking chocolate. Washed processing ensures a clean, mellow and complex cup every time.

This coffee originates from the deep interior of Colombia, in a region of Cauca called Inzá, also known as La Tierra Adentro. This area is wild and difficult to access, but that is what makes it so fertile. The Paez River runs through the valley and the higher elevations are created by Colombia’s highest volcano: Nevado del Huila. Most of the coffee of the region is grown at high elevations of at least 1,900 MASL in that volcanic soil. 

Multiple farms and farming communities contribute to this coffee for Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Each of the smallholder farms is approximately 1-2 hectares in size and produces about 1,300 kilos of coffee per season. Harvesting is a team affair and once the coffee is harvested, the cherries are sorted for defects, depulped, and dried on site. The coffee is then transported by mule to the nearest dry mill for continued processing.

Process: Washed 

What is the Washed Process?

The washed process is one of the most common processing methods. Freshly harvested coffee is sorted for ripeness and the fruit and pulp is removed from the beans within the first 24 hours after harvest for drying. 

Need us to pre-grind your coffee? Let us know your preferred brewing method in your order notes and we'd be happy to!  

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