Finca Muxbal

Finca Muxbal

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Tasting Notes: Baked Apple | Sweet Tea | Plum

Colder weather was inevitable. The best we can do is complement the season with an equally inevitable good time. The new Finca Muxbal Mexico is basically Autumn, liquified. Prepare yourself for an overwhelming sense of 'I'm so cozy, right now'. We taste grandma's fresh baked apples, warm sweet tea, and a touch of plum acidity. If you're still reading this, you've waited too long. You want (and need) this.

Introducing a brand new coffee from a mountaintop coffee farm located in Unión Juárez, Finca Muxbal (pronounced moo-BALL) is named for a Mayan phrase meaning "place surrounded by clouds." The farm is located on a plateau at 1,560 MASL at the foot of Tacan á Volcano, bordering Guatemala. Half of the farm is planted coffee, while the other half of the property is protected ecological reserve of rainforested land that has been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2006. 

The farm, which is owned by Maeggi Rodriguez and operated by her sons Jorge and Juan Pablo, is a progressive farm that implements both new coffee farming strategies and socially responsible programs. A school on the property is open to the children of all workers, even seasonal harvest workers. All farm workers are given food and residence on the property. 

Need us to pre-grind your coffee? Let us know your preferred brewing method in your order notes and we'd be happy to!  

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