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Introducing the Gasharu from Rwanda! 

This very special coffee comes from the region of Gasharu in Rwanda and is produced by a group owned by the Rusatira family. This group features over 1600 partner farmers and over 300 community employees, over 70% of whom are women. A lot of effort is made to accommodate these employees' needs to ensure that they are able to maintain their work and income, as well as care for their children. 

This coffee is grown between 1600 and 2100 MASL in a region very near the Nyungwe National Park. The higher levels of rainfall in this area make the coffee cherries juicier and the coffee itself fruitier in flavor. Once the coffee is harvested, it undergoes a natural process and is dried on raised beds for around a month. 

We're so excited to finally be offering a coffee from our friends at Gasharu in Rwanda. This is a partnership we've been cultivating for months and we couldn't be more excited to get this coffee in the hands of our community. This coffee is naturally processed and full of strawberry sweetness. We also taste a hint of nuttiness like macadamia and a delicate tea-like aftertaste.

Need us to pre-grind your coffee? Let us know your preferred brewing method in your order notes and we'd be happy to!  

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