Indie Select - Gasharu Impano

Indie Select - Gasharu Impano

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Indie Select Summer 2022

Gasharu Impano | Rwanda 

Tasting Notes: Kiwi | Blackberry | Strawberry Poptart

This sun-dried coffee hits hard with a ton of fruit character ranging from dark berries to juicy tropical notes. The body is full and sweet with clarity of flavor, allowing you to enjoy every second of every sip. The 100-hour anaerobic fermentation process brings a little bit of funk, amplifying the flavors and bringing depth and complexity to this beautiful coffee.

The name “Impano,” meaning “gift,” is given to this experimentally processed coffee to emphasize how special and unique it is. 

This coffee comes from a region deep in Central Africa, near the shores of Lake Kivu and the Rwanda Nyungwe National Park, the largest preserved rainforest in Central Africa and home to 25% of the continent's primate population. This area is home to richly biodiverse soil and plant life, with climate, elevation, and soil content that is the ideal growing condition for coffee. 

Process: 100-Hour Anaerobic Fermentation

After the coffee is washed and sorted, it is submerged with cherries still intact into an airless and sunless tank to ferment for 100 hours. From there it is removed from the tank, sorted again, and the mucilage is removed for sun-drying on racks. This process creates a rich and memorable flavor that sets this coffee apart.  

Want to learn more about the Gasharu family coffee farm? Check out the blog post our owner Diane wrote about her visit to Rwanda this past winter!

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