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Peach: Peach Rings, Tart Blueberry, Vanilla
Strawberry: Strawberries and Cream, Key Lime, Dried Apples
Red Fruits: Raspberry Licorice, Red Wine, Mandarin Orange

Country of Origin: Colombia

Producer: Jairo Arcila 

Region: Quindio 

Process: Peach + Wine Yeast Maceration Honey / Strawberry + Wine Yeast Maceration Honey / Red Fruits + Wine Yeast Maceration Honey

Varietals: Castillo (Peach/Strawberry) / Pink Bourbon (Red Fruit)

Elevation: 1400-1500masl

Here at Indie Coffee Roasters, we all remember the first cup that really blew us away. We remember first tasting fruity sweetness and saying "I didn't know coffee could taste like THAT." However, years later, these coffees from Jairo Arcila in Quindio, Colombia have us saying that all over again.

At his farm, Santa Monica, Jairo employs an anaerobic fermentation process where the coffees, with the pulp still on, are put in zero oxygen tanks along with various fruits and wine yeasts for 72 hours. The coffees are then dried on raised beds with the corresponding fruits, and the result is a delightfully explosive medley of fruity flavors and sweetness.

We have selected three of these fruit macerations to offer you: Peach, strawberry, and red fruits. The peach maceration is densely sweet, with a thick body and all the sugary flavors of peach ring candy, blueberries and vanilla. The strawberry maceration is soft and sweet, reminding us of sweet cream, key lime pie, and the delicate taste of dried apples. And finally, the red fruits maceration is true to the medley of flavors the name suggests. We happily taste Raspberry licorice, dry red wine, and sweet mandarin orange. All of these coffees leave us in awe of what coffee can do.

We roast and ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

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