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It's the greatest time of year! Every year we eagerly await the harvest of one of our most exciting coffees and it's finally here! With this natural-processed lot there’s a ton of tropical fruit acidity up front. You’ll expect it going in too, because the aroma alone will fill the room. And even though it's super juicy and sweet, this coffee also carries a creamy texture that reminds us of whipped chocolate mousse. I think it’s safe to say, this coffee is a major go. Buckle up, it’s Trogon season!

This delicious lot of coffee is a blended lot taken from 2 different coffee producers: Supriadi and Iwan, both known for meticulous sorting and drying methods and passionate about incredible coffee. Sourced by David Hong from Green Bean Asia, the Trogon series is a special favorite with Indie Coffee Roasters. 

Ever wonder where the Trogon gets its name? It comes from a very unique Sumatran bird called the Trogon. This elusive creature is a reclusive but stunningly gorgeous bird native to coffee lands. It is a long-standing mystery even to bird lovers because little is known about its origins and it has no known close relatives in the bird kingdom. Because of it's very interesting heritage, it makes a great mascot for this equally mysterious coffee! 

Need us to pre-grind your coffee? Let us know your preferred brewing method in your order notes and we'd be happy to!  

We roast and ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

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