Trogon Winey

Trogon Winey

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Flavor Notes
Watermelon, Blackberry, Hibiscus

Cup Characteristics
This coffee is as fruity as it gets, with notes of sweet watermelon, tart blackberry, and soft hibiscus. Those juicy flavors are further complemented by a full body, high sweetness, and a clean aftertaste. As a favorite from our team, we are excited to feature it on our menu for the fourth year in a row, and are sure it will become a fast favorite of yours as well.

Producer Information
With the rise of specialty coffee throughout the world, Gayo-born producer Aulia left his work as a precious stone hunter to process high quality coffee. He now buys picked cherries from the community and employs exceptional processing methods. His efforts make coffee like this one that stand out from the ordinary Indonesian flavor profile.

Winey Natural Process

What is the Winey Natural Process?
The Winey Natural process begins by leaving cherries on the plant longer than usual, picking them when almost over-ripe. The coffee is hand sorted three times, then processed as a standard natural. This means the coffee is dried with all of the fruit still on, then de-pulped, milled, and packaged for transport

Country of Origin: Indonesia
Region:Sumatra, Gayo
Producer: Aulia
Varietals:TimTim, Abyssinia, Ateng
Elevation: 1300-1650 MASL

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