Villa Betulia CM200

Villa Betulia CM200

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Flavor Notes
Fuji Apple, Gummy Candy, Nectarine 

Cup Characteristics
This exciting coffee from Villa Betulia in Colombia has flavor you won’t want to miss. The Carbonic Maceration process produces juicy and even crisp qualities similar to a young wine, non-coincidentally. We taste Fuji apple, an assortment of gummy candy, and nectarine, and can’t get enough of it’s abundant sweetness.

About the Producer
Harvesting on his farm Villa Betulia for over 40 years now, and producing specialty grade coffee since 2011, Luis Anibal Calderon is a master of experimental and exciting lots. His land features dozens of rarer coffee varieties, including Geisha, Tabi, Caturron, and more. He also employs experimental processing methods such at the 200 hour Carbonic Maceration used for this coffee.

Carbonic Maceration (200 Hour) 

What is the Carbonic Maceration Process?
Borrowed from winemaking, this experimental processing method involves sealing the coffee in a CO2 flushed container for 200 hours, while also keeping the temperature low to control the resulting fermentation. This coffee is then fully dried on raised beds.

Country of Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: Villa Betulia
Varietals: Caturron
Elevation: 1500-1600 m.a.s.l.
Harvest: 2022

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