Finca Nuevo Mexico

Finca Nuevo Mexico

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Flavor Notes
Almond, Dried Strawberries & Caramel

Cup Characteristics
Comforting, sweet, and delicious, this coffee from Chiapas, Mexico is the perfect cup for every taste and occasion. Full of the sweetest chocolate and nutty flavors, it reminds us of a caramel-filled candy bar. This, combined with the mellow, fruity flavor of dried strawberry will give you a new favorite way to start your morning.

Producer Information
In Finca Nuevo Mexico’s over 40 year history, current owner Ricardo Ibarra Baumann is the first to grow coffee and the results of his efforts are incredible. Meticulous picking and processing techniques result in the high clarity and balance in the cup. Ricardo’s farm spreads across almost 200 acres, surrounded by almost 800 acres of natural land reserve.


What is the Washed Process?
The washed process is one of the most common processing methods. Freshly harvested coffee is sorted for ripeness and the fruit and pulp is removed from the beans within the first 24 hours after harvest for drying. 

Country of Origin: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Farm: Finca Nuevo
Producer:Ricardo Ibarra Baumann
Varietal: Chalum
Elevation: 1300 MASL
Harvest: January-April 2023

We roast and ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

Orders placed on Thursday (after 7am) may be roasted and shipped the following week.

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