Hacienda Sonora

Hacienda Sonora

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Flavor Notes
Cranberry, Dark Chocolate, Candied Lime

Cup Characteristics
The Hacienda Sonora has a medium-bodied richness, where notes of dark chocolate intertwined with tart cranberry, complemented by sparkling candied limes. This coffee ensures a balanced drinking experience. It's a complex delight that will keep you coming back for another cup. 

Producer Information
Hacienda Sonora is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the world renowned Poas Volcano. The farm’s covers approximately 100 hectares, 45 of which lie under heavy and diverse shade. In addition to coffee, farm is also composed of 35 hectares of wild forest reserve and 20 hectares of sugar cane. The average altitude is 1,200 metres above sea level, and the five different varieties of coffee grown by the Guardias is fostered in an environment surrounded by exotic trees and other vegetation, providing great conditions for quality as well as improving the chemistry of the already naturally rich volcanic soil. Thanks to the farm’s diverse ecosystem, many different species of birds and animals seek refuge in the land.

One of the many things that make Hacienda Sonora so different from other farms is the fact that free accommodation is provided for all workers and their families within the bounds of the farm. For each house, Hacienda Sonora covers for the cost of water, trash collection and a portion of their electricity. Every employee fully enjoys the benefits of the Costa Rica Health Insurance system.


What is the Natural Process?
The Natural process is a sun-dried process that involves the drying of cherries whole without the additional use of any other materials, including water for washing or machines for depulping. (Hence the term "natural!) Before the coffee is dried, it is harvested from the trees, floated in water, then sorted to remove any fruits that are not up to standard. From there, the sun-drying begins. 

Country of Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazú
Farm: Hacienda Sonora
Elevation: 1300 MASL
Varietals: Centroamericano

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