La Joya

La Joya

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Flavor Notes
White Grape, Red Gummy Candy, Grapefruit

Cup Characteristics
This exceptional coffee offers a unique twist with its enchanting gummy candy flavor profile, making a splash in our selection for its unparalleled appeal. It strikes a harmonious balance with a brightness reminiscent of grapefruit, complemented by the delicate sweetness of white grape notes. The brew is both sweet and fruity, yet maintains an approachable character, crafting a cup that beckons for endless enjoyment. Its well-rounded body merges flawlessly with the playful array of flavors, presenting a coffee experience that’s not only deeply satisfying but also one you’ll find yourself wanting to indulge in time and time again.

About the Farm
Finca La Joya is located in the San Fernando mountains of the Nueva Segovia
region. Most of the farm's rugged mountainous terrain has been left
undisturbed in its natural state covered in a lush pine forest where monkeys and other native animals are able to roam free.


What is the  Natural Process?
The Natural process is a sun-dried process that involves the drying of cherries whole without the additional use of any other materials, including water for washing or machines for depulping. (Hence the term "natural!) Before the coffee is dried, it is harvested from the trees, floated in water, then sorted to remove any fruits that are not up to standard. From there, the sun-drying begins. 

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Nueva Segovia
Farm: Finca La Joya
Varietals: Blend
Elevation:1500 MASL

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