Sol y Café - Decaf

Sol y Café - Decaf

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Flavor Notes
Chocolate, Apple, Almond

Cup Characteristics
With a long-lasting sweetness and strong chocolatey flavors, this decaf coffee from Cajamarca, Peru hits the spot all day long. It is incredibly balanced, with notes of juicy apple and milk chocolate, and has a pleasant nutty flavor that gives complexity. Day or night, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Mountain Water Decaffeination Process:
In this natural decaffeination process, green coffee beans are soaked in fresh mountain water for an extended period. The resulting water solution is drained, and then put through a unique filtration system that attaches only to the cellular structure of caffeine, and not to the compounds that make up a coffee's flavor. This decaffeinated solution is cycled through the coffee several times, preserving the quality flavor, before the lot is dried and prepared for shipment.

Country of Origin: Peru
Region: Sol y Café Cooperative
Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, Typica
Elevation: 900 MASL

Please note if you sign up for a decaf subscription the origin of the decaf may change from time to time. 

We roast and ship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

Orders placed on Thursday (after 7am) may be roasted and shipped the following week.

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